About Your Session

photo-2At your first visit

Please arrive 15 min. earlier for paperwork and health interview. I need to know what caution needs to be done upon the information of any health problems or medications.

Before the session

After the health interview, I will leave the room so that you can undress to your comfort level. You will lie on the table under the sheet.

During the session

Make yourself comfortable. I will make sure you will be warm and comfortable. You are fully draped and only the area which is being worked is uncovered. You can tell me the preference of massage lotion or oil.
I will gently move you or ask you to move/breath deeply.

photo-5After your session

You will experience deep relaxation and feel the increase of flexibility and decrease of tension and aches. After an initial period of deep relaxation, people often feel increased energy and energy shift.

Since toxins need to be excreted during the massage, it is very important to drink plenty of water in the next 24 hours. There might be soreness in next day but most of the muscle soreness will disappear after twenty four hours.