Types of Massage & Bodywork used during your session

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a form of western massage popular for over 100years and traces its origins to the 19th century work of Pehr Ling of Sweden and Joahann Mezger of Amsterdam. It is recognized as valuable for improving circulation of blood and lymph, relaxing muscles, improving joint mobility, promoting healthy skin, inducing general relaxation reducing emotional and physical stress. . During the session, gentle techniques are used i.e. gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, shaking motions, and stretching and joints movements.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the approach to understand the layers of the body and work in these layers to relax, lengthen and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient way. It helps to release chronic tension, break down adhesions and loosen the connective tissue to restore structural alignment with longer lasting benefits.

Trauma Release™ Therapy (TRT)

TRT program combines unique myofascial release and soft-tissue manipulation techniques that effectively reverse symptoms and cause repetitive motion injury and chronic pain.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point massage is a tender and very sensitive spot/nodule in skeletal muscle in a taut band and can give rise to characteristic referred pain, motor dysfunction. Many people who get “tension headaches” tend to have trigger point in shoulder and neck muscles. Pressure might be applied with “ischemic compression” or “progressive pressure technique” moving toward center is used until tissue resistance dissipates along with the deep breathing. Stretching is also used to lengthen the muscle fibers which are shortened by treat trigger point mechanism.

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Shiatsu (75 ~ 90min.) performed on cloth

“Shiatsu” was originated Japan and its purpose is to release blocks in circulation, restore and balance the body’s energy flow.  It is a combination of Japanese Anma massage and pressure point therapy based on Chinese meridian (channel of energy flow) theory.  The philosophy of Chinese medicine is a root of holistic medical thinking:  The universe is dynamic and constantly moving and changing, yet still maintaining a unity of oneness. Humans are natural integral aspect of the universe.

It addresses health and disease in the fullest sense, seeking to harmonize the body, mind and spirit internally and to achieve a balance between the individual and environment externally.

It is designed to rejuvenate the body and relax the mind but also it stems from western anatomy and physiology so it is helpful for postural and musculo-skeletal problems and stress – relieves muscle tensions and improve joint movement.

Most of Shiatsu session is performed on the table (on site shiatsu can be performed on the floor). I use my hands, fingers, palms, thumbs, elbows.  Rocking motion, compression, strokes, kneading, squeezing, friction and percussion techniques are applied with comfortable pressure.  Sometimes I ask to take a deep press which along with I will give a deep compression. Sometimes I may perform slow stretches and movement of your joints and muscles.

In Shiatsu, since it is performed on cloth, no lubricant is used.  Those who require a gentle touch who is in a fragile condition such as elderly/timid people might benefit from this work.

For those who are active I can modify the session with deeper pressure and firmer stretch to joints and muscles so that it helps to relieve musclo-skeletal problems and stress related conditions.